Academic Experience


University of Texas at Austin Projected completion 2024
PhD Student, Rhetoric (Department of English)
I am interested in systems of legal identification—ID cards, passports, digital identity, biometrics—and how they govern access and shape notions of belonging. I consider these questions with a variety of methodologies, including new materialisms, process philosophies, and cultural and visual rhetorics.

Performative Rhetorics (D. Davis); Archives Theory and Methods (M. Longaker); Digital Cultures (S. Graham); Transnational Rhetorics (R. Diab); Classical Rhetoric Through the Centuries (J. Walker)

Papers in progress:
“Wearing Identity: Early University ID Cards as Locative Media”
“The Technoliberal Agenda and the World Bank’s Identity for Development Program ”

Davidson College 2009–2013 BA, Political Science, cum laude
Thesis: “The Periphery Shouting at the Center: Using the EPR to Evaluate Ethnic Conflict in Burma”
Additionally, completed the four-semester Humanities program and significant coursework in British and European modernist and postcolonial literature


Digital Writing and Research Lab Flash Fellowship 2018–2019
Through this fellowship, several of my appointment hours in the DWRL are cleared for independent research. I used them to begin developing a Scalar site that uses rhizomatic storytelling and archival imagery to illustrate the networks of social control and consumer finance materialized in the UT student ID card.


Humanities Program, Davidson College 2019
Research Assistant, Dr. Scott Denham
• Conducted archival research in an effort to recover depictions and erasures of marginalized populations in historical College materials
• Created blog posts and class lectures based on findings

Department of Rhetoric and Writing Digital Collection 2019–present
Research Assistant, Dr. Mark G. Longaker
• Part of research team creating an Omeka collection of archival materials tracking the events up to and around the creation of the Department of Rhetoric and Writing
• Current activities include rights management and metadata creation, ahead of the public launch
• Future projects may include additional digital exhibits and journal articles

Department of Communications, UT-Austin 2018–2019
Research Assistant, Dr. Scott R. Stroud
• Deciphered and transcribed handwritten notes by and about John Dewey for Scott Stroud’s upcoming monograph on B.R. Ambedkar

Digital Writing and Research Lab, UT-Austin 2018–2019 Digital Learning Specialist
• Create digital literacy lesson plans for university instructors, most recently a workshop and video on HTML coding


Foltz, Hannah. Review of Retroactivism in the Lesbian Archives, by Jean Bessette. Advances in the History of Rhetoric. Accepted, pending revisions.

Foltz, Hannah. “Organizing a Recruitment Event with Impact.” Inside Higher Education, 20 March 2019, https://


“Unpacking the UT ID.” Digital Humanities Showcase, University of Texas at Austin, 2019.
“Getting Medieval on Digital Literacy.” DWRL Showcase, University of Texas at Austin, 2019.


ASHR Conference Volunteer, 2019


Rhetoric Society of America (RSA)
American Society for the History of Rhetoric (ASHR)


Freelance Consultant 2018–present
Marketing and New Business

DeSantis Breindel 2016—2018
Brand Strategist

Landor 2013—2016
Strategy Analyst
Marketing Associate